Mini Moves – A Stress-free, Local Moving Experience

Relocating to a new place is exhausting. Moreover, moving between floors or across the street can become an expensive job. You hardly find professional movers who can safely relocate your items between the neighbors or within the bustling city.

There are chances of getting scammed; the Better Business Bureau reported 230 fraudulent cases in 2020 alone. So, here we have some practical tips:

  • Check your local moving company directory
  • Pick a few and read online reviews
  • Compare price quotes of at least three different companies
  • Set your budget
  • Create a moving checklist
  • Plan out your move, meticulously
  • Use sturdy packing boxes
  • Dismantle furniture for quick and easy transportation

When hiring a professional mini mover, check that they have experience in local moves within the city. In the apartment-to-apartment move, those holding expertise are a much better choice as they worked in challenging situations, including stairs, elevators, and tight parking areas.

Three Things To Ask Your Mini Movers

These residential movers have shifted 1-bedroom apartments between floors and across the neighborhood in high-rise condos and townhouses. If you’re still confused, you can ask them these 3 important questions to ensure a quick, stress-free inner-city move.

What services do they offer?

The first question to ask any moving company should be about their services. Quickbee Moving offers intercity moving services to the people of Brooklyn, New York. The company provides high-quality services, including packing, loading, offloading, installing, relocating offices, or moving homes for a stress-free experience.

When should you call them for the “big” move?

Although loading and unloading may not occur immediately, we suggest contacting the moving company at least six weeks before the date. Inform them beforehand if you wish to hire a moving company to pack and unpack the items.

How long does the process take?

The time depends on factors, including time of the year, weather conditions, the time needed to load and offload items, the size of shipment, and distance to the destination. Sometimes, not all furnishings can fit in the truck at a time. Therefore, moving companies may require additional time to load and unload the items.

How Quickbee Mini Moves Make Inner City Moving a Snap?

Quickbee Moving has experts who can help you throughout the moving process. We understand that moving to a newer location is overwhelming. Therefore, we provide high-quality services to cater to our customers. You can contact us by calling (347) 345-8385 to get a free estimate.


Ayo Sutherland
Ayo Sutherland

Overall I had an amazing experience, I called two days before I needed my stuff moved and they were able to fit me in. The owner was very responsive and efficient with my time. In total three people helped with the move and I can honestly say it was worth it. The cost wasn’t ridiculous either or extremely outrageous

Nicole Elkins
Nicole Elkins

Incredible service. Used them for a 1 bedroom move from manhattan to Brooklyn. Really nice, gentle movers who helped us assemble furniture after the move. I highly recommend them for any type of move you’re looking for. Trustworthy company

Jeanette Harrod
Jeanette Harrod

I searched for a responsible moving company because my daughter had a bad experience with one prior and was charged extra fees once her items arrived at the destination. I emailed a request for a quote and within minutes someone called me...

Tiera Mack
Tiera Mack

I moved during a snow storm and my nerves were a wreck. The owner of Quick Bee Moving was so calm and confident that him and the team would get me moved. They exceeded all of my expectations from the beginning to end. The owner was consistently responsive.

Ken Obermeier
Ken Obermeier

Everyone on the team is extremely professional and hard working. I have used them several times for packing/unpacking and moves both long and short distances. I would recommend them highly to anyone and are very reasonably priced and responsive to tight timelines for a move. All of the guys are very nice and make the stressful moving experience much easier, thank you for all of your hard work!

Jessica Perez
Jessica Perez

Jonathan and his team were very professional and super easy to work with. I would definitely recommend there services!! Thank you again Jonathan and team for making this such an easy and non-stressful move. You guys rock!